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Where to Start Your Laser Business?

Festival Craft

Customizing festival decoration items is definitely the one you should try. Don't know when to start? Why not the coming Halloween?

Jewelry Personalization

People love to engrave their beloved one's names on their rings or make their own acrylic earrings to look cool. With the right laser, you can be of great help here!

Apparel DIY

Customizing T-shirts, baseball caps, or canvas shoes is the easiest way people express their personal styles and start a business.

Business Signage

Business logos, street signs, destination boards, as long as there is business, there are demands for those. And more often than not, that's where your bulk orders come from.

Home Decor

A wooden wall hanging, a front door sign, or an engraved charcuterie board and spoon would make a home sweeter or festive. These home decors are in great demand especially when it comes to festivals.

Visual Identity Customization

Visual identity is a big part of business, whether it's a bar, a clothes shop or a Chinese restaurant. Logos, interior designs, and staff uniforms are all where a laser business can play its role.

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