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Modern Electronica was formed in order to offer cutting edge, innovative products not traditionally found in most retail stores. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality modern electronics the industry has to offer.
We began our journey in 2015 because we noticed something missing in the traditional retail electronics setting. It was hard to find cool products that turned our heads or could be a neat conversation piece in our homes. We knew we could do better, and we knew there were many other tech lovers that were searching for the types of products that we had a thirst for as well!
So, we set out to find those high quality products that we could offer to our customers at a great price. Along the way, we've found some real gems that our customers have loved and we look forward to offering you many more in the years to come!
As our business evolved we began to shift our attention to the hobbies and creative outlets that we were passionate about. This led us to expand our product line into higher quality products with massive creative potential. We're now very excited to be able to offer our favorite diode laser engravers, CO2 laser engravers, and CNC routers!
If you ever have any questions about any of our products, or if there's ever a problem with any order, don't hesitate to connect with us through our contact page or our toll free 800# and we'll be sure to make it right!