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xTool D1 Pro 2-in-1 Kit: 455nm Blue & 1064nm Infrared Laser

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XTool Laser Engravers - the ultimate tool for unleashing your creativity and turning your ideas into reality!

With XTool laser engravers, you can bring your designs to life with pinpoint accuracy and stunning detail. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, our cutting-edge technology allows you to engrave on a wide range of materials, including wood, leather, plastic, and even metal. Plus, our powerful lasers ensure that your designs will be crisp, clear, and long-lasting.

But that's not all - XTool laser engravers are also incredibly easy to use, thanks to our user-friendly software and intuitive controls. You don't need to be a tech whiz to create beautiful designs - just plug in your XTool laser engraver, select your material and design, and watch as it brings your ideas to life.

And best of all, XTool laser engravers are built to last. We use only the highest quality materials and components, so you can be sure that your engraver will stand the test of time and produce consistently impressive results.

Don't settle for mediocre designs - upgrade to an XTool laser engraver today and experience the power of precision engraving at your fingertips!

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Color: Golden Red
Laser Module Output Power: 20w
AC Power Plug: US Pluge (110 v)






Meet All Your Engraving & Cutting Needs

Made By D1 Pro 2-in-1 Kit

1064nm Infrared Laser

Excellent Result on Plastic & Acrylic



455nm Blue Laser

Powerful 20W Diode Laser

10mm BassWood Cutting in One-PASS

8mm Black Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS

Compressed Spot Technology

Higher Productivity at A Higher Speed

Improve The Accuracy to The Extreme

Why D1 Pro Provide the Highest Accuracy

engraving/cutting accuracy to reach 0.004 inches

repositioning accuracy down to less than 0.007 inches.

Limit Switches in All Directions

Limit switches will trigger the alarm if the laser head is about to hit the boundary of the machine in All Directions.

Safe to Use

The emergency stop will be triggered by the detection of flames, smoke and tipping.


Compatible with Software of All Levels

Quickly Started with xTool Creative Space

Updating Project Files

Image Editing

Batch Processing with Circular Array

Default Working Parameters for Materials

Compatible with mature engraving software: LightBurn

The layout, editing, and control software for common laser cutter. Engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


TypexTool D1 Pro-20W   xTool D1 Pro-10W 1064nm Infrared Laser Module
Machine Power 120W 60W 120W
Laser Electric Power 84W 40W84W
Laser Module Output Power 20W10W2W
Laser Spot 0.08*0.10mm 0.08*0.06 mm 0.03*0.03 mm
Routing Speed 400 mm/s  400 mm/s  400 mm/s  
Working Area 430 * 390 mm (16.93 * 15.35 inch) 430*400 mm(16.93*15.75 inch) 430 * 390 mm (16.93 * 15.35 inch)
Max. Workpiece Height 50 mm (2 inch) 50 mm (2 inch) 50 mm (2 inch) 
Max. Workpiece Height with X risers   50mm+X*45mm(each set riser height column) 50mm+X*45mm(each set riser height column) 50mm+X*45mm(each set riser height column)
MaterialsWood, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic( black, brown, red, yellow, green), stone, paint glass, paint ceramics, stainless steel, titanium, iron, aluminium oxide.  Wood, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic( black, brown, red, yellow, green), stone, paint glass, paint ceramics, stainless steel, titanium, iron, aluminium oxide.  All metals( including gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum, zinc, titanium, iron, stainless steel, metal oxides and alloy), leather, opaque plastic, acrylic(black, red, green, orange), stone, paint glass, paint ceramics, circuit board.