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Refurbished Laserbox Rotary 40W (CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting)

  • Quality products at great prices, save up to 28%
  • Rigorous refurbishment process prior to sale
  • Covered by xTool warranty policy as new xTool products
  • xToolCare applicable

xTool Refurbished Products Policy

xTool Good Refurbished Products are pre-owned, which have undergone xTool's stringent refurbishment before sale. They are expertly inspected and fixed up as renew ones.

Substantial Savings for a Fully Functional Product

We make sure refurbished products are fully functional before sale, offering an enjoyable discount (up to 28% off).

Quality Guaranteed

Enjoy the same warranty policy as new xTool products.

Support with xToolCare

To get additional coverage, purchase xToolCare that fits your machine.

Your Must-Know Before Purchase:

▸ Each xTool Good Refurbished Product:

Undergoes full functionality testing, where any defective modules are replaced;

Is put through a thorough cleaning and inspection process;

Is repackaged (including appropriate manuals, and parts);

Undergoes the same basic testing procedures and is assessed with the same technical guidelines as new xTool products;

Some of the refurbished products may have slight signs of wear, which will not affect the normal functionality of the machine. Return requests for such reasons will not be entertained.

The warranty policy for xTool's new products also applies in xTool good refurbished products. (However, refurbished products can only be exchanged for refurbished products, not new products). 

▸ Return & Refund Policy

Your packagehasn't been shipped:In this circumstance, please email us at vicky@info.xtool.com to issue your order cancellation request within 12 hours. This is the fastest way you can get your order refunded. You are suggested not to open a chargeback, because your refund will thus be delayed, and a portion of the handling fee (charged by your paying bank) will be deducted from your refund by your bank.

Your package is on the way:In this circumstance, please email us at vicky@info.xtool.com to intercept your package by vicky@info.xtool.com as soon as possible. You will receive a refund for your purchase price and pay us the costs such as interception fees and additional duties incurred. Return shipping costs are non-refundable. You will be responsible for the cost of package interception.

Your package has been received:
Once the package has been confirmed and signed for, you will not enjoy the current xTool official store return/refund policy. And the replacement policy is valid, however, refurbished products can only be exchanged for refurbished products, not new products).

If you approve of our policy, your refund will be processed. PS: The percentage of service fee mentioned above is based on the total price of goods, including tax and freight.

▸ affirm Payment FAQ

Is it available for all orders?
Sorry, only for U.S. orders over $150+.

What terms will be concerned when applying 0% APR?
When an order applies for a loan at checkout, affirm will consider some factors such as approval amount, term lengths, current economic conditions, credit score, payment history with Affirm, account activeness, etc.
Usually 90%+ orders get a 0% APR approval. Some orders may not qualify for the 0% APR financing, in which case they will be offered 10-30% APR for the lowest term length instead.

Can I pay off my purchase early?
Yes! No penalty for paying early.

Will eligibility checking affect my credit score?
No. Checking your eligibility won't affect your credit score.

Do I need a mobile number to use affirm?
Yes, you’ll need a mobile phone number from the U.S. or U.S. territories. This helps Affirm verify it’s really you who is creating your account and signing in.

Where can I learn more about affirm?
Visit affirm help center  for more info.