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Check out these laser cut Easter designs!

Well, there’s another holiday upon us, Easter is almost here! That means our crafters and creators have been busy with their laser engravers! We’ve been amazed at some of the beautiful gifts that our community has been turning out for their friends, loved ones and community events so we just wanted to share some of these super cute creations with you!















We’re creating some of these for our own grandkids and nieces and nephews, and we’d love to share some tips and techniques for how to create these and personalize each one for your special little ones! They really get a kick out of receiving gifts that have their names on them, it helps to add a special sentimental value to anything you create for someone!  












If you’d like to learn more about how we create gifts like these for our loved ones just hit ‘reply’ and let us know, we’d love to share with you just how it’s done!
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