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Why do People Like Customized Goods ?

New startups and small businesses these days find it very hard to grow and prosper or even survive for a longer period. The key to success, however, is very simple and that is to find a niche where the demand is more than the supply. 
Today we will discuss about one of those niches and why it has a future. We will discuss Why Do People Love Customized Objects and the psychology of this consumer choice. 

From inscriptions placed inside of wedding bands to engraved family heirloom pocket watches, the world has long shown an interest in the world of customization. Not only do people tend to cherish customized items as keepsakes, but the ability to have an item customized is also a part of the item's allure. People appreciate the opportunity to choose.

Consumer choice is a driving force in the global economy, and studies demonstrate that consumer choice makes a huge impact on media enjoyment, attitude, and behavioral intention. Surprisingly, the path to personalization that is driven by consumer choice is also driven by how connected the consumer feels to the producer who is customizing that good.

Choice may not always dictate the way a consumer uses their wallet, if that consumer does not feel that the customization process is as relevant to the individual/consumer as possible. In other words, people like customized goods because they offer consumers a choice, a way to feel connected to a producer, and a product that is simply more valuable because it is unique. This knowledge about customization is beneficial for individuals who are interested or involved in commerce.

People like customized opportunities because they provide an individual with a choice. America was founded on independence and the freedom to choose. When people are able to tailor an experience for themselves they tend to enjoy the experience or product a bit more. A research examined this exact idea about the how people enjoy the freedom to choose a tailored experience, and their research concluded that, "In sum, customized environments offer a greater sense of media enjoyment for consumers within this sample, however the types of advertising used within these environments requires further investigation to determine what is optimal"

Whether the item is a customized playlist to a personalized cutting board, subjects in the study demonstrated that the "customized environments offer a greater sense of media enjoyment." It would extend that other sources of customized environments offer a great sense of enjoyment. For example, someone's bedroom. Most people like their room because it is customized to their taste. It would make sense that a business would want to pay attention to ways that it can customize items to meet its consumers needs, even their individual needs or wants. This, according to the study, is good business.

People like customized goods because they give consumers a way to feel connected to the product and the producer.  Customized goods are simply more valuable because they are unique. An heirloom family wedding ring or a picture frame with an special engraved message, these customized goods often go for a higher price because their worth is in their rarity. 

Because individuals are just that, individuals, and as such, society values individual identity or autonomy, especially western civilizations, then items that reflect one's self-image contain more exclusivity, which is at the cornerstone of rarity and even luxury or specialized experiences or products.

It should be noted that consumer trends in customization and manufacturing are moving toward swift technological advancements. Those who are a part of commerce and interested in the addition of customization to a process or procedure within one's professional field, may want to consider if the customization process that they are considering requires technological infrastructure, which could be quite costly along with the additional costs of software and system upgrades.

Businesses who take advantage of customization processes will be able to tailor an experience that may create a more valuable product because the customer got to choose their item. The value of that item will rise if the consumer feels that the customization process provides a connection that between the consumer and producer. The value of a customization process is increased by the uniqueness and rarity of a customized or one-of-a-kind item.

In an intrinsic way, studies illustrate that when a consumer has a customized product, then that product holds more value because of it's uniqueness, these same studies show that a unique item is a reflection of  self-image, which means in a way that a customized experience actually makes the consumer feel that they have more value. A business that makes a consumer feel more value by engaging with one's services and products is likely to do well in business.

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