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Create The Coolest Tumblers! 

Have you seen some adorable personalized designs on stainless steel tumblers used by picnicking, hiking, holidaying folks, or in office ? Do you wonder how these guys have lain their hands on these precious gems?
Tumblers such as Yeti Mugs have quickly grown to become top favorites among all the products from drinkware. They are perfect for souvenirs due to their unique features and uses. Besides tumblers, another concept is winning hearts as well, i.e., customizing the tumblers. To get the remarkable personalization and customization, you need to know why and how you can engrave on them. 

Laser Engraving Machines for Tumblers

There are several laser machines available in the market. Some of them even cost as little as you can buy two of them in your budget. However, not every product is suitable for engraving stainless steel cups.
Sometimes, you have to think out of the box and spend a little extra to get the perfect device for your setup. You can find three types of lasers in the engraving machine. The device’s price greatly depends on which type of laser is included in it. For instance, the fiber laser is the most expensive, followed by the CO2 laser, and the diode laser is the cheapest you can get.

Fiber Laser:
The fiber laser is usually used in large, more powerful commercial engraving machines. These machine uses a different technology to engrave or cut material. Due to its high efficiency, it is very pricy and only factories uses it for commercial use.

CO2 Laser:
Small CO2 laser machines are used for DIY projects and small businesses. The wide range of materials that you can use with the laser and its affordable price contribute to such popularity. Moreover, you don’t need much experience to operate a CO2 laser as it is completely safe for beginners and professionals alike.

Diode Laser:
The diode laser is the most common and safe laser engraving machines in the world. Diode lasers are the cheapest laser engraving machines of all and due to that fact, these are not as powerful as the other two types are. Laser engraving and etching can be produced through multiple passes over the tumbler. The major benefit of the diode laser engraver is its lower price and the ability to mark any surface without damaging its material.


Laser engraving on stainless steel is a versatile process that produces useful and consistent results. Engraving a tumbler is very easy and fun when you have the available tools. For tumblers engraving all you need is a laser engraver and a rotary roller and you are good to go.  

  • Step 1. To start, spray your tumbler with an even coat of CerMark.  
  • Step 2. Place the tumbler in the rotary roller and set the focus.
  • Step 3. Press "go" and watch as the laser leaves a permanent mark.
  • Step 4. Once the engraving is completed, rinse the tumbler to reveal the beauty.  


xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
xTool RA2 Pro for D1/D1 Pro & Other Open Machines
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Which Type of Engraver Is Better for Engraving Tumblers?

When you have the right laser engraver, making custom items of all kinds is very easy. You will find that not every engraver can handle working on the rounded surfaces of tumblers, so you will need to pick one that is more versatile and fits your goal. Being able to customize all kinds of tumblers is easy when you have the right tool for this task. Basic engravers may not give you good results for this particular need, or they may take more time to achieve the desired results, so getting an engraver that is perfect for tumblers will make certain that you do not have to struggle to make other items as well. Being able to cut through many kinds of materials is very beneficial and you will be grateful that you invested in a quality engraver when you see what a difference this kind of tool can make. Getting the right engraver for tumblers can also make sure that you have access to an upgraded engraver that will handle other jobs with ease as well. Most machines that can take on the job of engraving tumblers can also cut thick materials and things like leather, ceramic, and hardwood. This means that you can create almost anything that you want in your shop or store. 

Diode Laser Engraver 

Diode lasers are very small and light, making them the perfect candidates for DIY projects. These portable laser engravers are also slowly becoming popular nowadays, all of which are based on diode laser technology. It also helps that diode lasers are quite robust – the regular movement of a diode laser is not a problem since its semiconductors do not need to be aligned perfectly to work. The biggest tradeoff of using a diode laser is that it has low power which means you will need several passes to engrave through hard material like

You Can Run a Small Business With One of Our Machines

Many customers have purchased laser engraver for tumblers from Modern Electronica and have operated a successful business in past few years. Some of them are small business owners and even DIY users who just take laser engraving business as a hobby. It cannot be denied that both of them work well with Modern Electronica laser engraving machine for cups and tumblers and gained much fun from the cause, as well as considerable profits.
Starting a laser engraving business is not a very demanding task that only professional people can do. People with no relevant experience are able to get started with it easily in the way that the laser engraving machine works just like a printer connected with the computer. You could directly operate the machine the moment you receive it from us. If you are interested in Yeti mugs laser engraving, and also have some spare time and money to invest in the business, just have a try now.

1. How to Choose a laser engraving machine for Tumbler Engraving?
You will also need a rotary roller which helps engraving on cylindrical objects. 
2. How to Laser Engrave Tumbler?
To laser engrave a tumbler follow the following steps
Step 1: To start, spray the mugs with an even coat of CerMark over the desired engraving area. Leave it dry for at least 5 minutes;
Step 2: Then, power on the engraving machine, open the software and adjust the settings according to your laser’s wattage.
Step 3: Measure the diameter of your mug and put it into the software. Then enter or import the intended marking words or graphics into the software;
Step 4: Place the mug in the rotary device and set the focus by adjusting the lifting system; once the focus is adjust move to the next step;
Step 5: Press the “start” button and observe as the laser leaves a permanent mark. Rinse the tumbler once the process is completed.

3. Where to Market and Sell Your Laser Engraved Tumblers?
Once mastered the operation of a tumbler engraving laser machine, you could run your business by selling customized Yeti mugs on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or you can start your own brand and develop a website selling customized tumblers.
Bonus: Popular markets for custom Tumblers
Graduation souvenir customization
Friends and family gift customization
Wedding supplies customization
Car promotion customization

It’s So Easy So Set Up a Modern Electronica Engraver

It is very easy to to set up a Modern Electronica Laser Engraver for laser engraving projects. These laser machines work pretty much like a standard printer, which you use daily at work and home. Engraving with these machines does not require any special education or technical skills. 


Create a new page in your graphic designing software. You can use LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Turbo CAD or any other laser engraving software. Import or create your own custom design.


Send your design to the laser. In the various laser setting windows you’ll select the laser parameters you want to use. Aside from choosing whether to engrave or cut, the main settings to adjust will be the laser speed and power setting.


Select your file at the laser, put your engraving material in the machine, line your material up with the laser head, and press GO. The laser will do the rest!

Why Choose Modern Electronica ?

Modern Electronica offers a wide variety of laser engraving machines for both hobbyists and small businesses. We only choose to provide you the best piece of equipment available in the market. Our support team is the best in the business with years of experience who offers the best advice you can get for your projects. We'll also be here for any of your customer support needs. We provide 90-days free mentorship to all our customers during which we can point you towards helpful lessons, tutorials and resources. We also do our very best to answer all your questions on starting a laser engraving journey and we'll be here every step of the way! Whether its a business or a hobby, we will always be there to support you on a 1-on1 basis with whatever your goals with this craft may be!

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